William at Derwentwater, UK

William Leidenthal Artist Statement

My artworks are experiments in ways of seeing the timelessness of Now. I create art about living on Earth, about the physical dynamics which give life to our planet, and about our environment which is the source and substance of our very existence.

I create my images as unplanned explorations without preconceived form. The challenge to is make paintings of a world where ‘form is emptiness’ and ‘emptiness is form’, and to demonstrate that actuality in visual metaphors. I make paintings about the distance between Objective Reality and Subjective Reality.

These works are analogies and symbols for the natural phenomena that form our world; the biology, geology, chemistry, physics, and astronomy which inform our knowledge of our home planet. I focus on the future of our world: the climate, the forests, the rivers, the seas, all the living things on Earth. My conceptual landscapes are intended as fables, signs, and icons for the ecology of our Earth environment.

 —William Leidenthal